Xmas Gift/ Holiday Project - Handmade set of drums

Posted on April 20 2020


For our last blog post for 2019 we are sharing not a piece of furniture, but a wonderful Xmas Craft Idea. This set of drums has been created by a 7 year old girl in Auckland who has made it for her little cousin as a xmas gift! Brilliant use for empty Vintro Paint cans... with a little  help from a grown up she has created a beautiful handmade gift as well as recycling empty paint cans. A great Xmas gift or holiday project to get the kids into some creativity over the holidays. Lots of fun for them afterwards, although you may want to send them outside to play with this one.  Wishing you all a safe and Happy Holiday, with loads of creativity, colour and inspiration during this season! See you back here in 2020!

What you will need :
2x Empty and Cleaned 1L Vintro Paint tins 
1x Ribbon or strips of fabric  
1x Hot Glue Gun 
1-2 x Packet of embellishments (stickers, jewels, feathers etc) 
1x Dowel (from any craft store ) 
2x Beads for the end of the drum sticks (make sure they fit the dowel) 
1x Vintro No Seal Chalk Paint colour (s) of your choice  

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