Waxes and Lacquer

Our waxes are designed to be used over our Premium Chalk Paints but can also be used over raw or varnished wood to richen and protect. 

It's formulated to be soft and creamy with little odour making it easy to use and brush out. you can also colour our clear wax with out highly pigmented Premium Chalk Pains to provide you with an endless array of paint effects and possibilities when it comes to layering colours, creating depth and effects to your paint finishes. Our waxes are designed to seal our Premium Chalk Paints to create a durable and functional surface that repels liquids, making it wipeable, long lasting and easy to maintain. 

Our waxes come in 'clear' which will richen and protect the colour as it is and in 'dark' for creating aged patinas and enhancing details.  


Our lacquers have been formulated with durability in mind. Designed to be used over our Artisanal paints as a final top coat, it provides strength and durability to paint projects making your finishes highly functional. 

Our lacquers are abrasion resistant to help minimise scuffing and marking with a strength that makes it suitable for floors. Fights against mould and mildew attack making it ideal for outdoor pots and projects. Blocking resistant to avoid surfaces from sticking to each other under pressure making it suitable for cabinetry, furniture, windowsills and door jams. It can also work as stain blocker prior to painting. 

Non yellowing with a formulation that is light and easy to use. Alavlible in Matte, Satin and Gloss.  


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