Rich & Bold Old Mauve

Posted on June 25 2020

This week we are sharing, a beautiful rich bold paint recipe, a great combination for a striking feature piece, perfect for those stand alone pieces or for a piece against a wall where you want the eye to travel to and focus on. Finish it off with a luxe gold, or with silver.  Dress and pair it with luscious greenery, golds & earthy wood tones for an exotic interior story. Or pair it with black and chic decor or a large print hanging above for a more modern setting.  

What you will need : 
1 Litre Old Mauve 
125ml of Victorian Black & Royal Purple
Vintro Clear Wax 
2020 Staalmeester brush 
Staalmeester wax brush 
Steel Wool 
Clean lint free rags

Paint your Piece of furniture in Old Mauve with subtle texture using your Staalmeester paint brush 

Mix Victorian black and royal purple together, then add your clear wax  to create a dark purple-black coloured wax 

Brush on your coloured wax thinly and detail your piece of furniture at the same time working  in sections and gently wiping excess wax as you go with a clean lint free rag, 

Highlight and even out your coloured wax by using your fine steel wool over your coloured wax. 

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