Textured french elegance & age

Posted on December 02 2019


Product details:

A beautiful recipe this week of a textured french elegance and age. A popular finish amongst those who love the look and vintage feel of dark wax but want something a little softer and more refined. 

What you will need : 
1x Harewood 1 Litre 
1x Chiswick house 125ml
Clear Wax 
Dark Wax 
Metallic silver paint 
Metallic gold paint 

1) This has been hand painted in Vintro Harewood Chalk Paint full strength with texture using a Staalmeester pure bristle brush, once dried and completely covered,  a light sand to remove any unwanted or irregular texture

2) Vintro dark wax has been applied directly on to the dried Harewood paint.  At this stage it's looking very rustic and some would even say "dirty", but this part of the process you need to just get the  dark wax on there without worrying too much how it's looking at this point. 

3) Now this part you will take care in detailing, softening with Harewood coloured wax. Mix your visual 1:1 Harewood and Clear Wax together brush over the dark wax backwards and forwards spreading thinly across the body of your piece of furniture, the tip here is to pick up just a small amount of wax on your brush and brush and spread the coloured wax out thinly. This step will soften the look  of the dark wax completely.

4) Accent wax: (you can leave this out if you choose to but it does help to lift the look and finish it off nicely) Mix up your Chiswick House coloured wax using 1/2: 1 Clear wax and Chiswick House chalk Paint. Apply only in areas and dabbing your brush and using your rag to dab and blend. Focus on framing your finish with this lovely soft blue (on edges) around the corners etc 

5) Add a pinch of metallics : mix Vintro and silver metallic wax together to get your desired champagne gold colour. Using a Staalmeester angle fitch or artist brush, pick up a small amount and lightly dry brush thinly around the edges and bevels.. tip run fine steel wool over to give a distressed metallic look 

A beautiful aged finish, whilst still being soft and elegant. The dark wax sits beautifully in the background providing a beautiful depth, the texture creates a lovely authentic french style finish, with the metallics adding a refined touch to the entire look. A beautifully balanced look that is easy and fast to do. 

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