Soft and subtle with a Champagne shimmer

Posted on April 20 2020


A beautiful elegant soft and restful finish with a little luxe with Vintro Champagne gold . A perfect neutral colour combination with slight depth, a great go to for bedroom furniture or if you are looking to create a piece that is light and soft with a beautiful neutral depth.

What you will need : 
1x Stonebreaker Chalk paint
1x Staalmeester 20/20 brush 
1x Vintro Clear Wax 
1x125ml Autumn Glow Chalk paint
1x Pure Bristle Brush

1x125ml Metallic Silver paint
1x125ml Metallic Gold paint

Detailing Brush 
Staalmeester detailing brush 
Staalmeester Angle fitch brush 

1) Using your Staalmeester 2020 brush paint your first coat with Stonebreaker full strength with subtle texture feathering your brush in different directions 

2) Water down your paint for the second coat by 10-15% and mix thoroughly, then use this diluted mixture for your second coat. You are looking to achieve full coverage. Once everything is covered leave to dry move on to step 3

3) Lightly sand any unwanted texture using 240 grit sandpaper, if you're happy with the texture move on to step 4 

4) Mix your coloured wax: 1:1 Autumn glow  chalk paint and clear wax on a flat surface . With your Pure bristle brush spread your coloured wax  in sections spreading it out thinly and lightly wipe/ dust excess with a clean lint-free rag, remember to keep turning your rag over to use the clean parts of the rag.

5) Once you have completed step 4 you will be ready to add metallics to your piece or if you prefer not to have the metallics you are done. Mix your Silver metallic and Gold metallic paint together to achieve the desired "champagne gold" then with a small staalmeester detailing brush or Angle fitch brush brush over the areas you want to detail in champagne gold metallic  

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