The Classic French Look

Posted on April 20 2020


This week we are sharing a classic french look lightened and brightened in Vintro Crystal Chalk Paint and then softly aged with a created patina using a Stonebreaker coloured wax.

What you will need : 
1x Crystal Chalk Paint 
1x Staalmeester 20/20 brush 
1x Vintro Clear Wax 
1x125ml Stonebreaker Chalk paint
1x Pure Bristle Brush 

1) Paint your furniture in Crystal Chalk Paint using your Staalmeester brush as a base first and leave to dry 

2) Water down your paint for the second coat: decant some into a bowl add 10-15 % water and mix thoroughly, then use this diluted mixture for your second coat. You are looking for full coverage. Once everything is covered move on to step 3

3) Lightly sand any unwanted texture using 240 grit sandpaper, if you're happy with the texture move on to step 4 

4) Mix 1: 1 Stonebreaker and clear wax 

4) Brush your coloured wax on in sections and wipe and remove excess with a lint free rag, 

5) (optional) Highlight: load clear wax onto your wax brush and brush over in circular motions on areas where it is too dark or where you want to highlight and bring back the white, remove the coloured wax with a clean lint free rag and you will see the piece will become lighter, the coloured wax will sit more in the brush strokes or any carved detailing. You can also use fine steel wool to lighten further. 

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