Outdoor in Chrysler with Vintro No Seal Chalk Paint

Posted on December 02 2019


Product details:

With Summer feeling like it's here this week, we thought it appropriate to do a Vintro No Seal Chalk Paint Recipe. In terms of recipes it really doesn't get much easier than this  

What you will need : 
1x Vintro No Seal Chalk Paint 
1x Staalmeester flat 1 inch and 2 inch flat brush 

1) Give your outdoor furniture a good clean, depending on how dirty it is a light water blast or hose down with soapy water might be required. 

2) Stir your Vintro No Seal Chalk paint, to ensure all the pigments are thoroughly stirred. 

3) Use your brush and  paint! It's as easy as that, Vintro No Seal will go on glossy but will dry matt, as it dries it will level off to flatten off your brush strokes. Leaving you a beautiful silky velvety matt finish with that signature Vintro colour 

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