Posted on April 28 2021

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A beautiful paint recipe creating a beautiful rich old worldly green. The depth and sophistication of this hue, blended and shaded beautifully with the Carbon Black coloured wax, will deepen and create a beautifully aged olive green paint finish, enhance with  a hint of gold gilding to add a dash of luxe, while framing and highlight the edges and details. 

What you will need: (sizes dependant on the project)

Olea Premium Chalk Paint

Artisan Clear wax 

Carbon Black Premium Chalk Paint

Staalmeester size 18 brush 

Natural bristle brush

Lint-free rags

Optional: gold gilding wax


Paint in Olea Premium Chalk Paint with a Staalmeester Series 2020 Pro hybrid size 18
Brush paint in all directions, loading generously then spread the paint out.
If a second coat is required apply the second coat by brushing in all directions in areas that need filling. 

Once dry, lightly sand any unnatural textures ensuring you allow the brush strokes and subtle texture to remain.

Coloured wax: 

Mix Carbon Black and Clear wax together to create your Carbon Black wax, brushing in all directions brush over your Olea paint finish in sections, then gently wipe the excess off with a lint-free rag until you have covered all of the premium chalk paint in carbon black wax 

Detail & Enhance
(optional) Enhance further by running gold gilding wax with your finger along fine edges and bevels.

TIP: Remember if you're finding your coloured wax too strong in areas, use clear wax back over the areas where you would like to remove or subdue the carbon black wax. (Usually, in areas you would like to create a highlight). This will pull back your coloured wax and expose more of the Olea underneath to create depth and interest.

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