Neutral Aged & Earthy - Paint Recipe

Posted on December 16 2020


Neutral warm and earthy with a lovely  soft age is this beautiful finish, works well with spaces with wood tones or even with leaving the top wooden. 

What you will need 

1 Litre Sea Mist Premium Chalk Paint 
1 Clubhouse Grey, 1 Parisian Grey, 1 Calicut Premium Chalk paint in 120ml
Artisan Clear Wax 
Artisan Dark Wax 


Paint 1-2 coats of Sea Mist Premium Chalk Paint with a Staalmeester Series 2020 brush, load a good amount of paint on the brush and spread , brush and feather in all directions to create subtle texture.  

Light sand areas with 240 grit sandpaper over any areas to remove any unnatural textures, taking care to not sand and remove all the texture 

Waxes : 

Apply Clubhouse Grey wax in large sections and wipe away excess with lint free rag , to make a Clubhouse Grey wax mix Artisan Soft clear wax with Clubhouse Grey Premium Chalk paint in a 1:1 ratio.

Parisian Grey Coloured Wax 
Mix your coloured wax Approx 1:1 Artisan Clear wax with Parisian Grey pick up a small amount with your Staalmeester Pure Bristle brush and brush over in large areas back and forth then lightly wipe with a clean lint free rag. 

Repeat the same step with Calicut Coloured Wax as above.


In selected dips and areas, shadow and detail with Artisan Dark wax e.g.) just around any carved details, corners and edges 

TIP: If you feel your coloured waxes need evening out at any point use your fine steel wool and lightly rub over the areas you want to blend out. Add more pressure to the areas where you would like to Sea Mist come out more. 

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