Planter White On Legs


  • Product Description

      The Planter White on Legs showcases uncompromising design and quality. It is made wholly of premium quality metal material. The exterior of this planter is ornately adorned in shapely patterns of squares, circles, and in shapes of flower petals. The rim and 3 stands is coloured in resplendent, shiny gold colour. It is sold as a set of two with two different sizes of large and small.
      Both planters in this set of Planter White on Legs are handmade with the same cylindrical shape and design except in size. Since customers often have different planting needs, and since floor space is at a premium, customers would appreciate planters that would fit their planting and space requirement. This is why this planter is made in large and small sizes with the.
      Large sized planter being 18.5 centimeters wide with 26 centimeters heigh.
      Smaller planter being 16 centimeters wide stands at 24 centimeters heigh.
  • Product Details

    • Variant: Large

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