Hanging Bell Multi Butterfly


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      Hang it from the window rung - or from the door curtain - place it along the side of the balustrade or allow it to simply hang lazily from any hook or higher up place from where the beauty of its features will be more clearly visible. The sweet tinkle of the bell will be heard each time the wind catches it unawares and as the hangable accent twirls so will the butterflies that adorn its length. Here is that perfect vertical hangable accent that can add more fun to dull windows and doorways.

      Use it like any other wind chime or simply hang it in any space that needs to gain some more character - simple accents such as this do not need a justification for their presence - their presence itself is so special and unique that they blend in well anywhere. Made of metal, this hangable accent is made of metal with several tiny little beautiful shapes that come together as if meant to be symbolic of something truly special. On top is the tiny flower - the floret a reminder of coming spring and the ensuing beauty. The four butterflies follow and at the very end of the trail is the tiny bell. The hangable accents twirls and swings in the wind and its dark metallic hue lends a touch of vintage charm to your balcony. Garden or any corner where it is placed. Simply use the hook - on top to hang it with ease and its 80 cm length will make its presence felt through movement and sound.

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