Candle Noir Small Fern


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      The Candle Noir Small Fern has a distinctively charming aesthetic design which would satisfy the decorative and practical candle lighting needs of your customers. What is particularly most alluring about this candle is the stately look of the candle holder. Using premium quality metal material and pure quality glass, the candle holder is made in a portable sized design while containing pure grade wax.
      Made in a robust, bulbous dimension, the Candle Noir Small Forest is made in a portable but spacious dimension as it measures 8cm in length, 8cm in width and 7.5cm in height. This ornately crafted candle holder is made through the use of glass material while the rim is beautifully ornamented with the use of premium grade metal material that is hued in a black and bronze colour. Contained in this candle holder is pure refined wax which would burn brightly and soothingly. The glass is hued in cool fern shade of green.
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